I typically go by Maxanda or Mandyrobin online. Previous online aliases I have used over the years are: Lilimon (to go with my first ever website), Strawberry Girl (the name was a reference to Mimi Tachikawa from Digimon), Wingweaver (one of my favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! cards at the time) and Garnet Princess (with AND without the space, it lasted the longest). With my long-time love of Sailor Moon, I'm surprised none of those names made reference to the series at all...

I started my first ever website back in 1999-2000, a small fansite dedicated to Mimi Tachikawa and her partner Palmon from Digimon. I was a huge fan of Digimon back then (still am actually) and that was when I took on my first online moniker Lilimon. It was a small website hosted on Homestead, back when it was still free to use. It lasted a good while and took on a few different looks before being let go a couple years later. I also dropped Lilimon and took on the new moniker of Strawberry Girl during this time.

The next project after was a long-running fansite dedicated to the character Rouge the Bat, from SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. This website is the only website I made that lasted as long as it did. I started it back in July 2001, not long after the release of her debut title Sonic Adventure 2, and the website still exists today on this domain. Even now, it is still one of a select few Rouge fansites (in English anyway, I don't know about other languages). You can visit the website itself to find out more. It was somewhere during this time that my I changed my online name to Wingweaver.

I changed my online moniker to Garnet Princess somewhere around the time that I got my first domain, Later on I also began using Maxanda, which was the name of a fan-character Nobody I made for the Kingdom Hearts universe. In 2012, I began to use Mandyrobin on websites and communities where Maxanda was unusable.

That's my online life in a nutshell. As for me as a person...

♥ Late 20s
♥ Canadian by birth
♥ Female (obviously)
♥ Capricorn
♥ Proud Auntie
♥ Employed by TJX Canada
♥ PC & PlayStation Gamer
♥ Computer & Internet Addict
♥ Designs & runs websites as a hobby

And, yeah. That's it for now. :P