Registration: April 1, 2013 ♥ Registrar: NamecheapHosted By: Arvixe is my second domain. I chose to create this new domain, as I felt that it more accurately represented who I am now, both as a person and as an online presence. This domain replaces my previous domain,, which I had since April 31, 2008. It was also how I switched from my previous webhost, as it was far easier for me to just cancel the service with my old host and let my old domain expire, rather than go through the trouble to having obtain everything I needed to transfer to a new host.

I chose the name for a couple of reasons. First, I have always been fond of crystals. Second, I like the look of ice in the winter, especially when it covering the trees. The .net extension was chosen because this domain serves as a network of websites, both of my own personal projects and those of others I choose to host.